Pool Table Re-Clothing

supremewinnerThere are many considerations when getting your pool table re-clothed.

TYPE OF CLOTH– most prefers woollen napped cloth as used in most major tournaments the other option is nylon (superpro fast) cloth. Which is faster and requires less maintenance and is much hard wearing.

CUSHION RUBBERS– are very important to the tables performance and as rubbers age they deteriorate and the bounce of the ball off the cushion decreases or varies along its length.

POCKET LINERS – need to be replaced on a regular basis as they become hard and split with time.

BALL RUNS – need to be checked and cleaned as dirt and grease builds up over a period of time.

BALLS AND CUES – need to be checked on a regular basis

Cloth colours and printed cloths

Snooker Table Re-Clothing

Over a period of time your table will need attention and possible repairs this could be a complete re-cloth or just having `The Baulk Line` and `D` re-marked, pocket net or pocket leather replaced.

We offer a one off service or a regular maintenance contract for your table(s). We re-cloth all makes, models and sizes of tables. We will come to r-cloth your tables in your home, business or any other location you have at a time to suit your needs. Below is a guide to our prices, which include free level and service.

To re-cloth bed and cushions on full size snooker table £360.00

To re-cloth bed and cushions on quarter size snooker table £180.00

To re-cloth bed and cushions on English pool table £140.00

To re-cloth bed and cushions on full size American pool table £200.00

All the above prices using Strachan cloth.

 Dismantling and Moving of Tables

We offer a dismantling service for both snooker and pool tables. Also moving and setting them back up within the same room, building or new location, we can also store tables when moving or need the room for some other use for a period of time.



We can supply the following accessories:

  • Lights
  • Balls
  • Trollies
  • Cues
  • Covers
  • Cue Racks
  • Chalk
  • Triangles
  • Rests
  • Cue Cases


Free inspections, quotes and helpful friendly advice are available on the following:

  • Recovering
  • Coin mechanisms
  • Re-rubbering /Cushions
  • Table service
  • Moving / Setup
  • Storage
  • Insurance work
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Complete table restoration